The Road To Dawn

No personal choices before my ice-cream.

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Well, I got asked by the Monster That Rules My Life to do some fourth wall breaking and let the passersby know what is up with this journal.

The name is Riku, but sometimes the player-thing calls me Riku2; I'm mostly a future canon Riku, with a player too lazy to actually change my icons since the time I was a past canon Riku.

Yes, the above means I go around walking the Middle Road, it means I fell into the darkness, kidnapped an unconscious Kairi and did some sick crap to get her back to the living (and failed), got possessed by a sicko, had a lot of in and outs with Sora, made some very stupid choices (some of which I regret and others that I don't), went castletripping with a Mickey hologram, met a crazy old guy, poked a Kairi lookalike named Namine, kidnapped Roxas, saved the world with Sora, and a big bunch of things that any person who played the game should know.

Currently, I'm living in Disney Castle with Mickey, who I may or may not refer to as Mikhail, and I'm thankful that somehow the plot got stuck. That means I'm not getting deeper into the hell that was coming.

Of course I'm still best friends with Sora who in this universe has a magical harem, and it sucks that I can't see him as often as I'd like. The harem-thing is made up of Namine, who is a nice girl (but too observant), Kairi who is still amazing (and so understanding) and Roxas who is the biggest asshole ever.

From time to time I'm pulled out of my nice resting place to have WEIRD AS HELL PWP scenes with both Sora and Roxas; which I usually hijack so I can have more angst. As an amusing fact, I angst a lot less in the non pwp scenes, I just like ruining their fun.

And that's about it, below is the original intro for this thing.

A un par de meses de haber comenzado el viaje por este camino desconocido y sin rumbo, quizá un poco para distraer mi mente del calor, o un poco para sacar las cosas de mi mente y dejarlas aqui, empiezo este jornal sobre el viaje.

Espero algun dia poder verlo y reirme de los problemas que tengo ahora.

De todos modos, esto fue todo para la introduccion, tengo que revisar que el Rey esté bien. (Creo que tiene una insolación bastante severa, el calor en estas zonas es realmente asesino)


[Jornal de RPeo de Kingdom Hearts, ignoren la existencia de este lugar, este no es el journal que ustedes estan buscando xD]
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